How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil

How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil
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How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil

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  1. Hướng dẫn Cách vẽ mắt như thật bằng bút chì
  2. Hope you enjoyed watching this speed drawing on how to draw a realistic eye.This is how I start drawing eyes. Please SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for More Drawing Videos!
  3. You know what I hate most is when u try to draw 2 eyes but one eyes is always shittier than the other. That my problem when I try to draw faces. And eyelashes too
  4. I talk about pencils i used in description which are yes, drawing pencils that you can pick up at any art supplies store
  5. could you do a video in detail on how you get such realistic eyelashes? every time i try and draw eyes i always ruin it by drawing really bad eyelashes. Thanks!
  6. thanks so much! I actually drew an eye like this, i managed to grasp the flow of the eyelashes but I'd love to improve, thank u!! (it took so long to draw as well lol)
  7. I have a difficult time with the shading of the iris ? lashes are my favorite though. It's really all about perspective and which way the lashes curve out.
  8. this would be helpful if it was actually a tutorial and not sped up so fast the road runners jealous 
  9. Very beautiful… It really inspires me, i try and i try to draw like this but i just can't! But its beautiful and you have a true talent.
  10. I have always had the hardest time drawing eyes, as well as just about any other facial feature, but this video give me so much hope, thanks so much for helping a fella out.
  11. Awesome drawing i could never draw like that, when i draw they are so ugly but you did an amazing job i will defiantly sub and like. p.s i know i'm hella late on comments.
  12. Why does everyone make drawing look so easy! Uhhhhh I get so frusrated with myself even when I am trying hard enough…
  13. After a million videos of watching and praying that hopefully why not get better at drawing even A SMILEY FACE.. Yours I think helped most… 



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