How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil

How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil
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How To Draw An Eye, Time Lapse | Learn To Draw a Realistic Eye with Pencil


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  1. Hướng dẫn Cách vẽ mắt như thật bằng bút chì
  2. Hope you enjoyed watching this speed drawing on how to draw a realistic eye.This is how I start drawing eyes. Please SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for More Drawing Videos!
  3. You know what I hate most is when u try to draw 2 eyes but one eyes is always shittier than the other. That my problem when I try to draw faces. And eyelashes too
  4. I talk about pencils i used in description which are yes, drawing pencils that you can pick up at any art supplies store
  5. could you do a video in detail on how you get such realistic eyelashes? every time i try and draw eyes i always ruin it by drawing really bad eyelashes. Thanks!
  6. thanks so much! I actually drew an eye like this, i managed to grasp the flow of the eyelashes but I'd love to improve, thank u!! (it took so long to draw as well lol)
  7. I have a difficult time with the shading of the iris ? lashes are my favorite though. It's really all about perspective and which way the lashes curve out.
  8. this would be helpful if it was actually a tutorial and not sped up so fast the road runners jealous 
  9. Very beautiful… It really inspires me, i try and i try to draw like this but i just can't! But its beautiful and you have a true talent.
  10. I have always had the hardest time drawing eyes, as well as just about any other facial feature, but this video give me so much hope, thanks so much for helping a fella out.
  11. Awesome drawing i could never draw like that, when i draw they are so ugly but you did an amazing job i will defiantly sub and like. p.s i know i'm hella late on comments.
  12. Why does everyone make drawing look so easy! Uhhhhh I get so frusrated with myself even when I am trying hard enough…
  13. After a million videos of watching and praying that hopefully why not get better at drawing even A SMILEY FACE.. Yours I think helped most… Tổng hợp những câu nói hay, những stt hay thâm thúy, những lời hay ý đẹp, những status cho facebook, zalo hay nhất, hướng dẫn cách nấu ăn,... Cung cấp kho hình nền avatar full HD, hình ảnh ca sĩ, diễn viên, các loài vật hoang dã hình xăm trên cơ thể con người, Cung cấp quần áo trẻ em giá sỉ, Tổng hợp sưu tầm các câu nói hay ý nghĩa, buồn tâm trạng trong tình yêu và cuộc sống đôi lứa bạn bè, cha mẹ người thân trong gia đình, mang một ý nghĩa nhân văn đầy sâu sắc, Hướng dẫn cách làm những món ăn ngon,...

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